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To create the company, the founders of Porta Boutique Inmobiliaria took as inspiration the word of God expressed as follows in Genesis 1:28 “And he blessed you with these words: Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and submit it ”. Taking as the main message to develop the lands.


Today we specialize in providing comprehensive advice and real estate marketing services for different clients who are looking to buy, sell, rent or invest in properties located in El Salvador and in different countries of Central America, North America, South America and Europe.


Promote investment in the real estate sector, offering an opportunity to show different people and families who are unaware of the profitability, capital gains and benefits offered by real estate investments in El Salvador and the rest of the world.


Be part of a group of innovative and disruptive people who will turn the traditional real estate sector around.

William Velasco

Co-Founder & Commercial Director

Valeria de Velasco

Co-Founder & Marketing Director


Since my childhood, I noticed that I loved to serve, and when I saw my parents and the rest of my family, I understood that we had it in our hearts and blood, and that passion to serve in a genuine way is part of the DNA of our company and of our entire team at PORTA Boutique Inmobiliaria. Our commitment is to support and serve different people, organizations from different fields and many families to fulfill their personal and professional goals. 

On our site we share some residential, commercial and industrial properties for them to consider and analyze opportunities to buy or invest within the real estate sector, in short, we want to tell you what we are passionate about, what we carry in our veins and what we transmit when a person give a few seconds to listen to us, to support you, to organize and structure decisions and actions that will open doors to new horizons.

Thanks to God, to my partners Valeria (my wife) and William (my father and mentor), to our families, to our spectacular team at PORTA, to our clients and friends, to our strategic allies and colleagues, and to all those who They have trusted us and extended their unconditional support to us. I reiterate with words of faith that we will continue to learn and grow together with you, with the commitment to create a better present and build a spectacular future for the next generations in our countries. 

Many blessings!

William Velasco
Co-Founder & Commercial Director


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