Rent with a successful search

In this section, the team HOLDER wants to help you define the following aspects that you should consider in order to successfully find the rental place you are looking for.

Documents you must have

  • DUI & NIT (Natural Person) or "Escrituras de Constitución" and "Tarjetas de Registro"
  • Two personal or business references.
  • Two bank and / or commercial references.
  • Reference of previous leases.
  • Income proof

    Note: The owner may request additional documents to the above listing.
  • Passport or resident card.
  • Two personal references.
  • Two bank and / or commercial references
  • Income proof
  • Two references from previous leases.

    Note: The owner may request additional documents to the above listing.


  • Define a budget
  • Define the areas that interest you and how they favor you in your day-to-day 
  • If it is to live, consider: How many rooms do you need for yourself or your family group, how many parking spaces, if you prefer one level or two levels, and any other specific requirements that you should discuss with the real estate agent who will help you in this committed search
  • If you are looking for a workspace: premises, office, or a building, consider the accessibility for your clients, suppliers and collaborators, and not least how many parking spaces your business requires
  • The agent will make a property proposal based on your requirement, you can select the options that best suit your request
  • After having your selection approved, the Porta agent will organize an agenda so that you can visit the options you chose
  • During the visits you can advance by verifying that your personal or business documents are in good condition and current

Our commitment does not end there ...


It is important that you know that before renting a place we must negotiate with the owner, both the price and the adjustments that you consider in the place to carry out the deal, this process is broader but nothing to worry about, we take care of providing all the forms and documentation that are presented with the owner, since each of them is different and their requirements vary according to each location and what their lawyer requests. 

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