Recommendations for the sale of properties

Selling a property is an exciting decision that Porta has years of experience with, and that's why we want to help you prepare for this big step.

Documents you must have ready before selling:

  • Copy of DUI and NIT 
  • Sell script 
  • Excerpted certification issued by the National Registry Center (CNR)
  • Cadastral location issued by the National Registry Center (CNR)
  • Municipal tax solvency issued by the Mayor's Office 
  • Owner's tax credit issued by the Ministry of Finance
  • Solvency of payment of the administration of the condominium 
  • Property location sketch (Reference in Google Maps)
  • Mortgage Release Letter 

Is your property ready to surprise?

Let's make sure that the exterior has the following:

  • Recent wall paint
  • Roof without leaks and rainwater channels in optimal conditions
  • Doors and windows clean and working
  • Recent maintenance of green areas

And not least, the interior:

  • Recent wall paint
  • Cleanliness and proper functioning of bathrooms and kitchen
  • Clean floors and in optimal conditions
  • Ensure the operation of the electrical system, connections and switches
  • Clean, well-functioning windows and doors
  • Garden with recent maintenance

For each property there is a client and for each owner there is a real estate agency

  • We inspect your property, and get to know it as well as you do 
  • We have a network of appraisers certified by the Superintendencia del Sistema Financiero, to carry out a reliable valuation of your property
  • Together we define the sale price according to the valuation 
  • We guarantee competitive prices according to the market
  • We survey the prices and analyze the history of similar properties
  • We create a real estate marketing plan appropriate to the profile of your property
  • We manage the pre-qualification of clients with different financial institutions
  • We make sure that clients have bank financing or own funds to buy your property
  • We connect you with a network of lawyers, engineers, architects, and other professionals who can complement the process of selling your property
  • We manage a schedule of visits and establish schedules that are feasible 
  • We protect your identity and the safety of your family 
  • Now you just continue with your daily life and we take care of the rest 

Schedule an appointment with us and let's sell your property at the best price and in the shortest time possible

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